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First things first, how do you guys like the new blog layout? I've wanted to changed things up on my blog for a long time now and since it's a new year I thought it was the best time for a blog makeover! The lovely Vaida made this cute blog design for me. She was very patient with me (even though I asked for a lot). Check her out if you are interested in a new blog layout.

Anyways on to today's post. Since my blog was being renovated yesterday I pushed Fitness Friday for today instead. HM was having free shipping online earlier this month and since I can't pass up free shipping I decided to buy some new sportswear. They just released their new athletic wear line so I picked out a few pieces. There was also a lot of sports clothing on sale so if you are planing on ordering from them soon make sure you check out the sale section because there is some awesome deals hidden in there.

I picked this shirt up the sale section. It was originally $30 but I got it for half that price! I usually always workout in tank tops but this shirt caught my eyes because of the back and the fact that it has thumb holes. After trying it on though I felt like I worked at the aquarium and trained dolphins or something.

Next I bought this black sports bra with pink lining. I own a lot of sports bras so instead of getting this bra in the other cute prints and colors I decided to get a simple black, since I don't own one.

These printed leggings were the reason why I purchased from HM in the first place. I saw a really cute pair of quilted work out leggings on Urban Outfitters but they cost about $70 and I didn't want to spend that much on a pair leggings so I started searching for other printed leggings online and found this beautiful pair.

These were also on the sale. I was intentionally drawn to these bottoms because of the texture but after trying them on I can see myself living in these leggings forever! They are so comfy!

Do you like the new layout?
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