Days 1-11 ♥ 365 Challenge

Last week I was reading this blog post on why I should take on the 365 day photo challenge so I decided to go ahead and start taking a picture everyday. So for now on every Sunday I will update you guys with my pictures from the week (Check out my Instagram if you want to see some of the pictures before I post them on here). I hope I can keep this up because I would love to look back in a year to see where I was in my life.

Day 1: My first meal of 2015 was a glass of orange juice and a bowl of granola with blueberries and banana. Granola is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast food!

Day 2: Our Hello Kitty gingerbread house. I'm going to be completely heartbroken when we tear it down.

Day 3: This is a Batman sleeping mask I made for a neighbor. It was my first time trying the fair isle method using crochet. What do you guys think?

Day 4: Some cute stuff I picked up at the mall.

Day 5: Monday motivation.

Day 6: It was my younger sister's 15th birthday on Tuesday. It's been amazing to watch her grow up into an actual person. Oh and that cake was incredibly delicious! The frosting was on point!

Day 7: Lucy being adorable!

Day 8: These were my Christmas gift to myself. When I saw these online I couldn't possibly pass them up!

Day 9: I bought some cute supplies to use on my future shop orders. I really want to make the packages I send out in my orders to be really cute, I also order some sweet extras to include in each order!

Day 10: These are my new shop business cards! They are pretty much the same as my old ones but I changed up the information description and colors.

Day 11: Check out my new trainers! I found these online for a really good price. I'm not a huge fan of trainers (besides the MLP ones, of course!) but I needed some to run in and I loved the colors on these so I snatched them up before they sold out.

Is anybody else participating in any 365 challenges?
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