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I was pleasantly surprised to find my Happy Mail on my kitchen counter yesterday! I now get super excited every time I see this huge black and white envelope! The A Beautiful Mess girls did another Happy Mail video and I almost didn't watch it because I wanted to be surprised but I went ahead and watched it anyways and I was so delighted because December's Happy Mail looked colorful and amazing!

Here is the bundle of cute stationary goodness! So colorful!

This month's Happy Mail contains:
- 7 Cards
- 1 Postcard
- 6 Standard envelopes
- 1 Custom print envelope
- 1 Print
- 1 Texting notepad
- Set of 8 gift stickers
- Set of 12 tab stickers

These are the 6 cards I got. Only two of them open the rest are just lay flat but you can write on the back of them. Each card comes with a corresponding envelope. I was kind of sad that I didn't get the camera card that was featured in the Happy Mail video but that's ok cause at least I got my three other favorites (the brunch, crafting, and get well soon cards!).

I also got a cute postcard with an accordion, which is just too cute! Below the post card is the 7th card which is a crossword puzzle card. You can highlight whatever occasion you have this card planned for in the puzzle itself! I also received this huge red envelope which confuses me because I don't have a card that can fit in there and the crossword card didn't come with a matching envelope. This was probably a mistake but what I going to pair the crossword card with?

Here is a close up of the accordion postcard. It has a gold/copper foil on it.

Here are a bubble text message conversation note pad (I just notice it's upside down, hehe), a sheet of tab stickers that you can place on the sides of your cards and whatnot, and a sheet of gift stickers that you can use during the holidays!

The last thing I received in my Happy Mail was this "Places I've Been" print on card stock paper. You can use this map to mark all the places you and your family have gone. I love how it's in pastel colors!

I absolutely love this month's Happy Mail! I prefer this Happy Mail over last month's because this one is so colorful and my eyes normally gravitate towards colorful (or pastel) things. I can't wait to see what I get in my Happy mail next month!

Did anybody else get a deformed envelope or something strange in their Happy Mail?


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