How To ♥ Stay Warm In Winter

How to stay warm in winter
Even though it's still technically autumn I wanted to post a guild on how to stay warm in winter. As you guys probably know we've been getting some crazy weather this year. I live in the southeast and the day after Halloween the weather freaked out! Since then we get weird periods of weather, one week it's below freezing the next week we are back to the 70s! So I put this guide together for you guys who are also dealing with the bipolar weather. Enjoy!

Fashion: Layering is best way to stay warm. Laying a thermal sweater, knitted cardigan. and/or a nice oversize coat will bring you an extra amount of warmth. Also remember to make sure to bundle up and wear a comfy hat and a pair of mittens.

Skincare: During the colder months the weather becomes harsh on your skin and because of that you need to switch up your skincare routine to heavy hydrating products like the this Green Tea Balancing Cream and this Green Tea Pure Eye Cream by Innisfree.

Comfort: Snuggle yourself in a warm blanket with some comfortable fuzzy socks and light a few candles. Bath and Body Works has a bunch of holiday scents right now that smell amazing! Make a delicious hot cup of coffee and you have the perfect night in!

What's your favorite way to stay warm this fall/winter?


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