Open Box ♥ My First Happy Mail

Happy Mail is a monthly subscription stationery kit designed by A Beautiful Mess's Elsie and Emma. For $15 a month you can get a kit filled with stationery goods like cards, note pads, journal, stickers, etc delivered to your doorstep.

As a avid reader of A Beautiful Mess I was pretty surprised that they decided to hop on the monthly subscription but I thought it was a clever idea because you basically get all the fun craftiness that A Beautiful Mess is known for all delivered in a $15 envelope. With that said I had mixed thoughts about my first Happy Mail because it came with the same things that they mentioned in their Happy Mail video but I was expecting different items in my first Happy Mail but apparently not. However I was happy that I got some of the items that were revealed in the video like the note pad and some of the cards but I was just hoping to receive a unexpected surprise in my first Happy Mail.

Back of envelope

A beautiful mess of creativity!

I got six cards. They all come with a corresponding envelope. I love how there is a variety of cards for different occasions.

These are my favorite cards, how cute is that pizza card!

Here are the extras I got. There are stickers, tags, and other stuff. My favorite item from this is the today goals note pad and the "I love you more than" sheet (which I think might be another card).

This is the biggest thing I got. It's a huge card that has a hand painted red gradient look and in gold letters it says "Adventure is Right Here" I'm planning on framing this and hanging it on my wall.

Overall I was alright with everything I got but I guess I wasn't expecting the same things in the video because I thought they were just examples of what you could get in your kit and not the actual products. I hope that next months Happy Mail brings new holiday inspired stationery goodness!

Did any of you order a Happy Mail?


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