♥ My Christmas Wishlist ♥

Christmas Wishlist
(Left to right) The Sims 4, Spinns Sailor Moon Bag, Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR, Pastel Alpacasso mini keychain case, Fujifilm UO Mini 8 Instax Camera, Hello Kitty Beats Headphones, Marie Tsum Tsum Plush, Macaron Coin Purse, and Etude House Cute Eyes Maker

Christmas is only a few weeks away so it's time for my annual Christmas wishlist. I make this list every year for my family so they know what I want for Christmas in case no one knows what to get me. There are items from $4 and up on this wishlist so you can take your pick.

The number one thing I really want for Christmas is a Canon DSLR or a gift card to Target or Best Buy for the camera. I've been using a point and shot camera that I've had for 7 years! It doesn't give me the quality I want for my blog so I need a new camera! If I do get a DSLR you guys can expect amazing quality posts n 2015! Another camera I want is a Fujifilm mini 8 instax. I've wanted this for many years. I have a bunch of cute decor/scrapbook ideas planned when/if I get this.

I also picked a few cute things that would be great in my stocking like Etude House Cute Eye Maker, a mini alpacasso keychain, a macaron coin purse, and a Marie tsum tsum. Also gifts cards to Starbucks would fit nicely in my stocking. ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒

What's on your Christmas wishlist?


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