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There has been a little bit of controversy over Sheinside so I thought I would share my thoughts on this website and review not only the store itself but also the items I ordered from them.

This is the shirt that made me order from Sheinside.The print immediately grabbed my attention because it's cute and sweet (pun intended)! It's a crop top that comes in one size it also comes in white, which my sister got.

I ordered this shirt because it's basically a Aymmy (Ayumi Seto's clothing line) knock off. This isn't a exact copy of her original hamburger shirt (it says 1992 and not 1993, Ayumi's birth year) but it's pretty similar. I would love to own one of Ayumi's pieces from her brand but sadly I can't afford anything (even if I could shipping things from Japan is expensive) so until then I have this fake copycat shirt.

This is another rip off of Ayumi's designs. It has that tomboy style that Ayumi is known for but it's not the same shirt that's under the label Aymmy but I went ahead and got this because it's the closest I will ever have to owning something by Ayumi.

- Affordable clothing
- Good quality material
- A variety of clothing and accessories to choose from
- They provide tracking information

- Took forever to arrive!!! My order took almost 2 months to reach me!
- Rips off other designs
- The service isn't always reliable. Sometimes I would get emails from them with no message or subject or anything.
- Clothes sell out quickly
- Some of the shirts had strings hanging off.
- Most of their items are only in one size (all of my tops were only available in one size)
- If you have a bigger bust the one size shirts may not fit you. I don't have the biggest bust in the world (I'm a size B in bras) but some of the tops are a bit snug in that area.

My experience:
I first placed my order on August 25 and it arrived on September 26, that's a whole month I had to wait to get my package from Sheinside! They didn't ship out my order until  3-4 weeks after I placed my order and when I emailed them the first time about this they just copied whatever was on their shipping info page and sent it to me. The second time I emailed them they said that one of my items was out of stock (why couldn't they say that the first time?). However, I did have tracking for my package and when I received my items I was surprised with the quality, I was afraid that maybe the clothes were shady, like the company.

Would I recommend this shop?
No! I should have searched for some reviews on Sheinside before I ordered from them because most reviews are half negative or half positive. Based on the service and shipping alone I would highly recommend you guys not to shop here! Yes their clothes is cheap and good quality but the company seems pretty shady to me and it even ripped off some other people. Just research this shop before ordering and act very cautious if you do plan on ordering from here because a lot of people don't always receive their orders.

Will you order from here again?

Have you ordered from Sheinside before? How was your experience with them?


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