September Favorites ♥ Lifestyle

Welcome to day 4 of Blogtober! Today's post is on my lifestyle favorites from September. These are the things that I've read, played with, worn, and ate through out the month of September. Enjoy! ◕ ‿ ◕

Cooking Mama 5 Bon Appetit!:
I've loved Cooking Mama since the first game came out and I can't believe they're already on their 5th game! So I had to get it as soon as I found out about it. I really love this game because it has so much more content then the previous cooking mama games. Review coming soon!

Cliff Bar Chocolate Chip Energy Bars:
I absolutely love Cliff Bars! They're a great energy snack. I've tried many different flavors by Cliff (my favorite being coconut) but I never tried the chocolate chip one before. I actually really like to flavor too! I would say this is my second favorite.

Extra Dessert Delights Cinnamon Roll:
Every time Extra Desserts Delights comes out with a new flavor gum I have to try it, I've probably tried every single one of their gums! I was really excited to see them come with a cinnamon roll gum because I love cinnamon rolls and with the cooler weather coming out this is the perfect gum to own!

Ice Breakers Duo Fruit + Cool Raspberry:
I keep these mints in my purse to refresh my breath throughout the day. These are a duo meaning that they include both a mint and a fruity flavor. I've tried these and the strawberry ones and I enjoy both.

Forever 21 Heart Sunglasses:
When I saw these sunglasses on Forever 21's website I knew I had to get them! I usually always wear heart shades when I'm out but my old pair is slowly breaking on me so I needed a new pair. I liked these because they are like two of my previous sunglasses put together.

My Crochet Doll Crochet Book:
I randomly came across this book on amazon one day and had to order it immediately! I use to sell crochet dolls when I first started my etsy shop I've always wanted to go back to making dolls and finding this book felt like a sign to me. I already learned quite a few things just from skimming through a few pages so I can't wait to learn more.

Hello Kitty Crochet:
You guys already heard me talk about this book hundreds of times but I'm so excited about this book. As you guys know I am a huge Hello Kitty/Sanrio fan and that I crochet so put both of those together and you have the most amazing book ever! I'm currently crocheting Hello Kitty!


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