My Nail Polish Collection ♥ Essie

The past couple of weeks I've been collecting many Essie nail polishes. I literally bought 7 polishes in the past 3 months! I know I'm kind of late to the Essie party train but I'm slowing becoming obsessed!

I am a huge fan of blue and green colors. I love mint turquoise teal colors I probably own most of these in my nail polish collection. Left to right, Mint Candy Apple, Turquoise & Caicos, Strut Your Stuff, and Where's My Chauffeur?

I call these nail polishes my autumn stack. I love to wear these dark colors during fall. The two dim berry colors are Berry Naughty and Bahama Mama (left to right). The murky grey taupe polish in the middle is Chinchilly.

These are my shimmer/glitter nail polishes. The one on the left is Beyond Cozy and the chunky sliver sparkle polish is Set in Stones. I don't wear these that often only around the holidays or when I want to be a little flashy.

These nail polishes don't really fit in a category so I just call this my miscellaneous pile. Left to right, Fiji and Play Date. The lacquer on the far right is a treatment to make your nails Grow Stronger.

What are your favorite Essie nail polishes?


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