Favorite Treat ♥ Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury chocolate is very popular in the United Kingdom they have some amazing flavors like Turkish Delight, Banana Caramel Crisp, and even Cola Pretzel Honeycomb (I really want to try this one!) the only downside is that they don't sell them in the US so it's kind of tricky to find them but luckily there is a shop near where I live called 'The Corner Shop' that sells British goods, that's where I got these goodies. Today's post is kind of different but I thought I would make it anyways. Let me know if you guys want to see more of theses random posts.

This is a chocolate dairy milk with Oreo bits inside. This is an amazing! If you are a fan of the Hershey's cookies and cream bar you will love this!

The next Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bar has Turkish delight, it kind of tastes like a fruity gel. This was my favorite of the two.

Have you tried any of the Cadbury chocolate bars?


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