Fall Spotlight ♥ Plaid

Fall Spotlight: Plaid
(Left to right) Dress: Modcloth, Bows: Forever 21, Bag: Modcloth, Shirt: Modcloth, Scarf: Forever 21, Skirts: Forever 21, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Shirt via Polyvore

If you have ever gone to a private school or anywhere that requires you to wear a uniform then plaid clothing is no stranger to you. Plaid has become my fall staple I love the academic look of wearing a cute plaid skirt or dress out in public without thinking about anything school related. I happen to really love this skirt from Forever 21 it's a midi plaid skirt which is different from all the other plaid skater skirts that I've seen. If you are not a fan of the schoolgirl look and want something edgier a plaid shirt would be perfect for you! There is so much you can do with a simple plaid shirt you can leave it unbuttoned, layer it, or wrap it around your waist the possibilities are endless! If plaid isn't your style but still want to be trendy this season accessories are your best friends! There are scarfs, shoes, bows, bags, etc.  pick up an affordable item (I recommend anything for Forever 21) and your set for the next couple of weeks until fall is over.

Are you a fan of plaid?


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