Drama Bum Sunday ♥ My Favorite Dramas (Part Two)

I thought I would keep the theme from last week's Drama Bum Sunday rolling on with part two of my favorite Korean dramas. Here are four dramas that I really loved watching and hopefully you guys will too!

Angel Eyes
This is the most recent drama I watch out of the four. It stars the same girl who was in Boy's Over Flower, which is the only reason I decided to watch it. It's about two childhood lovers who separate due to traumatic reasons but they run into each other 12 years later, will the two be able to rekindle there love again? This is a really cute Kdrama I especially love the first few episodes but it does get very sad (you will cry).

49 Days
49 Days is a melodrama about two women, Ji Hyun who has the perfect life, a loving family, an amazing fiance, and an awesome best friend. On the other side lives Yi Kyung who lives the exact opposite life as Ji Hyun. But when Ji Hyun gets in a car accident she gets a second chance in life when her soul falls into Yi Kyung in order to find out the awful truth to her perfect life. This drama definitely falls into one of my top 3 because its really suspenseful ! I highly recommend this drama!

School 2013
School 2013 follows the lives of high school students as they live out their everyday concerns and dreams. This is a very simple drama about students and high school but I think it's done nicely. Plus this drama has the best bromance couple!

I Hear Your Voice
The last drama I want to talk about is I Hear Your Voice. This drama is about a high school boy who falls in love with a lawyer when he finds out that she was the one who told the truth about his father being killed in a incident that occurred years ago. Now he has to protect her as she is being threaten by the same killer who killed his father. This is another drama that keep you on all edge!

What are some of your favorite dramas?


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