Drama Bum Sunday ♥ My Favorite Dramas (Part One)

So I know I promised that I was going to be reviewing the drama 'Discovery Of Love' because it ended this week but I haven't had time to watch the last two episodes just yet so next week for sure I will be reviewing it. So instead of reviewing a drama today I will be talking about a few of my favorite Korean dramas. All these dramas are pretty old but they're classic's in my book! Enjoy!

Boys Over Flowers
This is by far my favorite drama (and the first) I ever watched and til this day it still gives me the same emotions it did when I first watched it. Boys Over Flower is about a girl who finds herself joining a prestigious high school after rescuing a student from said school. However she ends up butting heads with the F4, four rich flower boys who basically run the school. This drama is amazing sometimes after I watch a very crappy drama I rewatch this drama and get the feels all over again! I still even cry at the same places (yes, this drama made me cry several times).

Coffee Prince
Next up is Coffee Prince, this was also one of the first dramas I watched. It's about a girl who dresses up as a man so she can work at a coffee shop that only hires men. This is a really cute and quirky drama. One thing that kind of bugs me is that the beginning is pretty slow but still a great drama overall.

Dream High
The first Dream High was also one my favorite dramas I've watched. This drama is about six students that are allowed to join an art school to achieve their dreams of becoming famous. I really enjoyed Dream High because it has a great cast and I prefer this one over the second Dream High because it went more in depth with the character's lives.

Have you watched any of these dramas? Which is your favorite kdrama?


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