Davids Tea ♥ Taste Test

I've been a fan of David's Tea for a while. They have amazing unique loose teas that are insanely delicious! I wanted to try something new today and talk about some teas that I've been drinking from David's Tea.
A bag from David's Tea is about $7.50 for a 50g bag (depends on which tea you get). When you purchase two or more bags you get a free tin (like the one in the birthday cake pictures). I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know if your a tea drinker like myself.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake is a rooibos tea with sprinkles, ice cream bits, and honey. This is caffeine free.

What does it taste like?
This is my favorite tea out of the three because it tastes absolutely amazing! It tastes just like birthday cake but in tea form, it even has real sprinkles!

Red Velvet Cake Tea
This rich Red Velvet Cake tea is a black tea with chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles, and beetroot powder. It has a medium caffeine level.

What does it taste like?
It tastes like a light creamy tea with a hints of chocolate.

Movie Night
This Movie Night tea is ideal for a late-night flick. It's a green tea that contains maple and apple. It also has mini popcorn pieces! Has a low caffeine.

What does it taste like?
It oddly taste like a refreshing juicy apple but with sweeten buttery popcorn. This loose tea also contains real popcorn pieces! Which is so cool!

Have you tried David's Tea before? What's your favorite flavor?


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