Autumn ♥ Nail Polish Colors

I have to admit that Autumn isn't my favorite season (please don't hate me!) because dark colors start to become popular and I live in a bright sparkly pastel wonderland. But I find myself collecting a few murky colors every year. So today I'm sharing my favorite nail colors I will be wearing this year.

Essies Berry Naughty and Bahama and Zoya Cynthia
I'm not a fan of dark colors unless there is a noticeable rich tint involved like one of these three beauties. I apply only one coat so that the richness of the color comes out perfectly, if you layer on too many layers you won't fully see the beauty of these berry toned hues hidden within.

Zoya Normani, Essie Chinchilly (current fave!), and Zoya Brigitte
I like to think of grey or taupe colors as the "autumn pastels" of nail polishes. Yes, they are darker colors so they can't be pastel but in a season where people tend to gravitate to blacks and browns these colors stick out like pastel colors do in spring. I've actually started seeming these muted colors in clothing stores, they're becoming really popular this season so a nail polish in one of these colors would be really trendy to wear on your fingers.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "Coat of Arms" and Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Rosary
I like wearing metallic nail polishes during Autumn because I can't seem to wear metallic nail polishes any other season besides in fall. I just think foil looking polish looks great during this season.

What is your go to nail polish for fall?


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