Craft Corner ♥ My Current Project

So I haven't posted a craft corner post in ages so I felt that it was time to start crafting again! There is something about crafting in Autumn that makes me want to pick up my crochet hooks and just make anything. I have a few projects planned for this season and also I'm thinking about updating my shop (but I'm still not sure). Now on to my craft project, I actually don't want to unveil what I'm working on just yet because I'm not sure what to call it but I thought it would be fun if you guys could guess what I'm making.

Here are some close ups of my project. This so far this is just the base of what I'm making. I'm using a thick pink and cream colored yarn.

Here is the length of my creation. Still can't guess? Well I will update you guys on the process of my secret project along with more pictures next weekend so stay tuned! hehe

What do you think I am making?


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