August Favorites ♥ Lifestyle

I actually had a few lifestyle favorites this month. I usually never remember any of my random favorites (I really need to start writing these things down) so sometimes I skip this monthly post but this month I actually had something worth talking about. Also I think I'm going to call these posts lifestyle favorites for now on instead of random favorites because I think lifestyle sounds better.

Davids Tea Cotton Candy and Birthday Cake Flavored Tea
I've always eyed the Davids Tea website but never have bought anything until recently when I bought one of their steepers and since then I've been hooked! On my first order I ordered cotton candy and birthday cake teas which are amazing (they literally tasted like their names)! I just place my second order and got a bigger size of the birthday cake because it's that good!

Starbucks Frappe Tumbler
This was one of my birthday presents that my sister got me. It came with a mirrored frappe lid but I bought another lid because I didn't really like the other lid. I've been using this almost every single day this past month (probably drinking Davids Tea) so I've been getting a good use out of this tumbler. Thanks sis!

June Zipper Magazine
I hadn't been buying any Zipper magazines lately because I wanted to save up a little money for summer but I just started catching up on their past issues and I have to say that Kyary on the Zipper June cover is one of my favorite covers she has probably ever done before. Very kawaii cute!

Hello Kitty Notebook
I needed a new notebook for my Korean language studies so I ran over to Target and saw this adorable Hello Kitty notebook. The cover totally reminds me of something a kindergartner would wear to school.

Cute Hair Ties
I got these hair ties back when I order my first alpacasso as a freebie. I started using these at night because I lost all of my black hair ties and I love them! Not only are they adorable but they don't leave any dents on my hair when I wake up.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranates
These have always caught my eyes in store so when I went on my diet in the beginning of August (which I totally failed by the way) I got these because dark chocolate and pomegranates are healthy. They taste like chocolate covered raisins but a healthier alternative.

Skinny Cow Divine Caramel Filled Chocolates
Another slightly healthy snack that I bought were these Skinny Cow caramel chocolates. I use to be obsessed with Skinny Cow ice cream years ago and just now started trying out all their snacks. There are by far my favorite! But they should really labeled this flavor as salted caramel because the caramel is really salty.

What is something random that you've been loving?


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