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I can't believe it's September! Where did the time go? Before we know it will be holiday season again! I for one can't til it actually starts getting cooler (I love the cold) and to be able to wear sweaters, leggings, and boots all the time (I'm actually wearing a pullover and leggings right now). Oh and I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season yesterday! Mmmm! Anyways it's that time again to talk about my favorite beauty products that I really loved from the month of August. I didn't have that many favorites this month and even if I did I forgot about them (this happens to me a lot and days later I finally remember and then I have to wait until next month to talk about them). Enjoy!

The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Rich Oil
I know I said I wouldn't talk about my new skincare routine but I thought I would just talk about a few of the products that really impressed me such as this cleansing oil by The Face Shop. This is one of the two cleansers I use and its probably my favorite of the two because it literally takes off everything (including my makeup)!

Paula's Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum
I got this in my August Birchbox and was pretty excited to use it. Even though it's a serum it feels more like a oil on your face but I really like this a lot especially since it's suppose to fight against wrinkles.

Nature Republic Aqua Super Max Combination Watery Cream
This is my night cream that I've been using for the past month. It is specially designed to help those with combination skin, like myself. Not only dose this make my skin feel moisturized but it also comes in a cute container that also comes with a scapula to easily apply the cream without getting your fingers messy.

MAC Cosmetics Brow Set Gel in Beguile
I have had this brow gel for forever and it's still my favorite product to do my eyebrows with. I simply just sweep this against my eyebrows to tame any crazy hairs and since it's colored it covers any sparse spaces.

Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal in Beam of Blush
The new Maybelline crystal collection is probably one of my favorite baby lips collections that Maybelline has released. I mentioned two others in my previous monthly favorites but this month I've been using this one the most. I love the color of this on my lips and it smells like bubble gum! 

Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now!
Last but not least is this cuticle cream by Sally Hansen. I bought this as soon as I got my acrylics off. I massage this on my whole nail every night before I go to bed and I've really seen an improvement on my both my cuticles and nails.

What are some of your favorite beauty products from August?


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