Review ♥ My First Fabletics Order

If you saw my fitness clothes haul then you saw some clothes from Fabletics feature in there. Today I wanted to make a review on my first order from Fabletics. I bought the Boracay set which includes three pieces, a sports bra, shorts, and a shirt. I got this whole outfit for $17 when they were having a sale on some of their outfits. You can also buy these pieces separately if you like

Ayni Sports Bra
The print on this sports bra was the first thing that caught my eyes. I also love the back straps too. As for the fit it fits perfect on me but my only problem is when I try to take this off it's kind of difficult so if you're scared of this I would recommend sizing up. It comes padded but you can easily take them off if you like.

You can buy the Ayni Sports Bra here.

Havana Coverup
This is a relax fit shirt that has a oval shape cut-out on the back. It fits perfectly not too tight and not too loose. The sleeves are slightly scrunched which gives a cute effect to the top. Out of all the pieces I would recommend this one the most.

You can buy the Havana Coverup here.

Moro Short
These shorts have the same print as the bra but these have more of a greenish tint to them then the bra which has more purple.It also has a matching stitching instead of a lining, which the bra has. These are really comfortable and cute. They also have a hidden pocket which you can use for whatever you want.

You can buy the Moro Short here.

Have you ordered from Fabletics before? How was your experience?


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