My Top 5 ♥ Skincare Tips

I like to think of myself as a avid skincare junkie as I know more about skincare then the average beauty enthusiast so I thought I would make a post on my top 5 skincare tips that I learned throughout the years and if you like this post maybe I will make more in the future cause I have a lot of others tips I can share.

1. Drink lots of water
This is my number one tip that I recommend for anyone who wants clear and soft skin. Water cleanses your body and hydrates you like nothing else does. Not only that but it also flushes away all your bad toxins inside of you.

2. Slap your face!
Yeh you heard me! Slapping your face locks in moisture making your face moisturized and plump (in a good way). Next time after you wash your face give your face a few pats (but not too hard). I would recommend you to actually pat on your toner so that the whole product absorbs into your skin.

3. The more steps the better
So you cleanse, tone, and moisturizer but don't think you're done cause you're not! They're so many steps you can take before you call it a night. Some of these extras will probably cost more but it will be worth it if you really want youthful glowing skin.

- Makeup Remover: Before you cleanse your face use a makeup remover to fully wipe away all that gunk. 

- Serum: Most people think that serums are only for people with problematic skin but no it's not. Serums help lock in moisture and keeps your skin hydrated all night long in a way that moisturizers can't.  

- Eye Cream: I recommend you start using a eye cream when you hit your twenties so you can start preventing eye wrinkles early.

- Sheet Masks: Sheet masks are a fast way to brighten, tighten, and moisture your skin. If you have a big event to go to use a sheet mask the night before to have amazing healthy glowing skin.

4. Know when to exfoliate
When it comes to choosing masks or scrubs you should use more masks then exfoliates because scrubs can be very harsh on your skin even if you can't feel it (you should really only exfoliate 2-3 times a month).

5. Cleanse at night
From what I've read you are only suppose to wash your face once a day at night. Washing your face more then once can lead to excessive washing and dry skin (this happened to my older sister). Why wash at night you may ask? Well because think about all that you did throughout your day do you really think a simple makeup wipe will really get all that dirt off? So cleanse your face at night and just use a toner in the morning and follow up with your skincare routine.

Do you have any skincare tips?


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