Fitness Clothes Haul ♥ Forever 21, Fabletics, etc

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post that many blog posts this week. I honestly don't have a good excuse why I didn't post anything I was just lazy and didn't feel like posting any content. This month I turned 21 and it made me realize that I need to rethink my priorities so I've been thinking about a lot of things I want to accomplish this year and one of those things is start a healthier lifestyle.

A month ago when I was on vacation I felt very sluggish and gross and wanted to hide myself under the covers and not even look at myself in the mirror. So I promised myself that as soon as I came back that I would eat better and work out every single day but July was my birthday month and I felt like I should treat myself so I did, but regretted every second. So starting this month I will be on a journey to become a healthier person. I'm going to eat healthy small meals a day and work out 5-6 times a week for about an 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes a day. If you would like to join me on this adventure please let me know in the comments so we can cheer each other on through social media like twitter and instagram, I will be using those to update you guys on my journey for the next month and I will also be bringing back fitness Friday for at least this month to update my blog readers on how my journey is going.

Now on to the main purpose of this blog post. I recently collected some cute new fitness clothes to work out in. I use to excersize in just leggings and tank tops so I thought I would invest in some good quality clothes to work out in. Some of the pieces are really cute and colorful and good great with each other and maybe you guys can even come up with a few outfits for me!

This pink and coral chevorn printed sports bra with a neon yellow straps is from Forever 21. I really liked this because the neckline is different from most sports bras.

This sports bra is also from Forever 21 and it's a almost lilac purple with this weird design on it. I love the cross on the back of this one.

These are basic yoga shorts from Forever 21. I used to use some legging shorts but those would bunch up and after a while they got on my nerves for I just bought these because they were pretty cheap.

I work out at home all time but now that I have a dog I really want to start walking her everyday. My old sister usually does it but she only walks her for about 10 minutes so I'm going to start joining them and walking with them for at least 20-30 minutes. I bought this fanny pack thinking that I could carry it while out walking.

I don't remember where this tank is from but it's from one of those sports stores. I really loved the colors on this tank and it was less then $10 so I bought it too.

The next three pieces are a set from Fabletics. I really love the bright pattern on this sports bra so I thought it would go great with some basic yoga bottoms.

These are suppose to be the matching bottom to the sports bra. The shorts actually have more of a cool tint on the pattern then the bra does (they look exactly like they do in picture in person) so if you are thinking of getting this set keep this in mind. I actually don't plan on wearing both the bra and shorts together.

This is the top that came with the set. It's a basic white loose shirt but on the back there is a cut out so that your back doesn't get sweaty. I plan to wear this when doing yoga.

I got these yoga capris at Love Culture on sale. The black is shiny in person and looks kind of weird but I wanted some capris for when I'm running so I went ahead and got these.


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