Drugstore Haul ♥ Maybelline, Covergirl, etc.

I've been buying quite a few beauty products lately so I thought it was time for another drugstore haul! These are just some things I picked up the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Tigi Bed Head After Party
This neon pink bottle has always attracted me but I never bought it because its rather pricey and I'm not sure if I would like it or not. But when I saw a travel size version of this product at my local Target I had to get it to finally test out!

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
This is probably my favorite drugstore dry shampoo out there. I only used this when my sister had it but once her's ran out I decided to get one for myself. I especially love this dry shampoo because it lasts a long time and has a lot of product unlike most dry shampoos out there.

Essie Grow Stronger Nail Strengthener
My nails have been feeling weak and brittle (thank you acrylic nails!) so I looked up online to look for the best nail strengthener and this one won. It's suppose to make your nails look and feel stronger in just 5 days! So far I am on day 2 and I'm still not sure if it works or not. However this has a light beige pink color to it that makes my nails look nice and polished.

Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener
Another product that I bought to help my nails become healthy is this nail thickener by Sally Hansen. I apply this on before the nail strengthener and so far it has made my nails really smooth.

Maybelline New York Master Precise Eyeliner
I needed a new felt eyeliner and decided to pick this one. I already tried it out and I can tell this is going to be in my September favorite!

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer
Covergirl recently released this collection so I decided to pick up the concealer to try out. It's actually a little bit lighter then my skin tone but that's alright because going lighter with concealer helps brighten your face more (just make sure to apply it before your foundation to avoid looking like a ghost).

Maybelline The Mega Plus Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
I haven't used a waterproof in the longest time! I actually don't like waterproof mascaras because all they do is lengthen your lashes and I like full lashes but my eyes get watery very often so I thought I would try the two mascara combo trick again and not ruin my eye makeup.


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