What I Ate ♥ Food Journal

I had a few food photos in my photo library so I thought I would show you guys so of the yummy stuff I've eaten. These were taken the week before and the week I went on vacation so you may have seen some of these pictures already. Keep in mind that I do eat healthier foods but I prefer to take pictures of cute pastries and sweets because they're more photogenic then say a carrot.

Cupcakes from Smallcakes cupcakery. They're actually not small at all, in fact they're huge! Can you guess the flavors?

My first Chipotle burrito! It was so big but yummy! I am now obsessed with Chipotle.

Coffee and granola with almond milk.

Banana split from Ghirardelli, the ice cream wasn't as good as I thought it would be but the rest tasted good.

This is a Morning Star breakfast sandwich. It was alright but I probably wouldn't buy them again.

I've been really into Taco Bell lately. I usually get the 7-layer burrito and a Mountain Dew baja breeze blast, my favorite!

Macarons from a cute French pastry shop. I had the lavender and rose, they were delicious!

My favorite frappe from McDonald's is the caramel frappe. It's so yummy and has tons of caramel. 


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