The Ultimate Summer Kpop Playlist

There have been so many summer-like sounding kpop songs this year si I thought i would put together a kpop summer playlist of all the songs that have a summer feel that have been released this year thus far. I also posted my favorite summer themed music videos down below. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to the full playlist here
BESTie - Hot Baby

Tiny-G - Ice Baby

Sistar - Touch My Body

B1A4 - Solo Day

Girl's Day - Darling

What's your favorite summer song?



What I Ate ♥ Food Journal

I had a few food photos in my photo library so I thought I would show you guys so of the yummy stuff I've eaten. These were taken the week before and the week I went on vacation so you may have seen some of these pictures already. Keep in mind that I do eat healthier foods but I prefer to take pictures of cute pastries and sweets because they're more photogenic then say a carrot.

Cupcakes from Smallcakes cupcakery. They're actually not small at all, in fact they're huge! Can you guess the flavors?

My first Chipotle burrito! It was so big but yummy! I am now obsessed with Chipotle.

Coffee and granola with almond milk.

Banana split from Ghirardelli, the ice cream wasn't as good as I thought it would be but the rest tasted good.

This is a Morning Star breakfast sandwich. It was alright but I probably wouldn't buy them again.

I've been really into Taco Bell lately. I usually get the 7-layer burrito and a Mountain Dew baja breeze blast, my favorite!

Macarons from a cute French pastry shop. I had the lavender and rose, they were delicious!

My favorite frappe from McDonald's is the caramel frappe. It's so yummy and has tons of caramel. 



Vacation ♥ Haul

It's been literally 3 weeks since I came back from my vacation and I noticed that I hadn't posted my vacation haul yet? Mainly cause our internet has been acting really stupid since we came back and it goes on and off randomly throughout the day. Anyways, here are the things I bought while in Florida, I didn't get anything special that I couldn't get here. (well besides Lush and the backpack)

I saw a Lush store for the first time in a long time (they got rid of all the Lush's where I live). I know I can get this stuff for a lot cheaper on the UK website but since I was on holiday I decided to spoil myself a little. I bought the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask (my favorite), Sparkle Toothy Tabs, and Tender Is The Night Massage Bar.

We stopped by Wal-Mart a few times to picked up food and such so from Wal-Mart I got some Botan Rice Candy and a Wet And Wild lipstick in Peachy Kiss.

I finally found this backpack from Forever 21! I've been eyeing it online for a while but could never find it in person thankfully I found it before I went to Magic Kingdom.

I also got this kitty compact from Forever 21. Oh and did you guys know that they sell Tony Moly at Urban Outfitters? I was so surprise to see them their! So I picked up this Panda Eye Stick since my Etude House Ice Cream Stick is running low.

I forgot to bring body lotion so I popped inside Sephora and bought a Soap And Glory body moisturizer, because Soap And Glory products smell AMAZING! 



July ♥ Birchbox

Hello guises! I got my July Birchbox the other day and wanted to share with you guys what I got. By the way isn't the box really cute? I wish they colored or added a pattern to all of their boxes.

This month Birchbox partnered up with Women's Health Magazine for the July box. They included samples that will energize you and give you power to overcome anything.

Box Overview
List of products
Beauty Protector Protect And Treat Mask Full-size, $25.95
What: Developed by stylists, this argan oil treatment restores strength and megashine to hair.
How: Work through wet hair, focusing on ends. Leave on for up to 20 minutes before rinsing away.

Ruffian The Rapture Collection - Rosary Full-size, $10
What: Streak-free metallic polish in a trendy, summer-perfect shade.
How: Apply a base coat and follow with a single coat of this long-lasting lacquer.

Benefit Cosmetics Posiebalm Full-size, $18
What: This mango butter balm hydrates lips and provides a wash of sheer, just-right pink.
How: Sweep on bare lips, or over your favorite Benefit tint for instant moisture.

Naobay Body Radiance Lotion Full-size, $24
What: This Spanish favorite uses olive oil and avocado to naturally hydrate and soften skin.
How: Massage generously into skin, focusing on dry patches like elbows and knees.

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil Full-size, $52
What: An all-nature blend of antioxidant plant oils work to hydrate, purify, and renew skin.
How: Before bed, apply six drops of the oil all over clean face. Wear alone or under night cream.

Bonus! They added in this acetone-free towelette to remove your Ruffian lacquer. (Set of 10, $12)

I really liked this box. I can't wait to use the nail polish and wipes and the posiebalm. Plus, i'm not sure if you are suppose to get two tubs of the hair mask because I got two, either way it's more product to try. I already tried the Caudalie oil and I didn't really like the smell. (it smells like grass) The body lotion smells like lime and cucumbers also it's great size.

What did you get in your July Birchbox?



June Favorites ♥ Beauty

I feel like it's been forever since my previous monthly favorites. I collected quite a few goodies since my last favorites post so read and enjoy! Oh and let me know what beauty products you discovered in June.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch: I bought a few of these for my trip to fully relax my eyes. Cool them in the fridge for a touch of coolness.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser: I ran out of my cleanser so I started to use this sample that I got in my Birchbox a few moths ago. I used to use this cleanser before so it was fun to use again.

Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Serum: Serums are my favorite because they lock in moisture and make your face nice and dewy. When I was using this it prevented any blemishes!

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In-Product: This stuff smells nice and makes my hair look good.

Detangler Brush: I always wanted to try one of these brushes but I thought they didn't work so I wanted to use it in person. Any time I have knots in my hair I ran this through my hair a few times and it's gone!

Maybelline Pure BB Cream: I don't really like western BB cream because they always feel heavy on my skin but I really liked this one! It's light and provides great coverage.

Revlon Pink Lemonade Lip Butter: I've used Revlon lip butters before and love them! This time I got a different color, a natural light pink shade, which I love!

Benefit They're Real Mascara: Another sample I got from Birchbox. I like pairing this with the L'Oreal Manga mascara, they're the perfect "false eyelashes" mascara combo!

Stiffing Brush: I've been using these sorts of brushes to apply my bb creams for a while but I realized that I haven't talk about them on here yet. I love the airbrush texture that it gives my skin.

What beauty products did you discovered in June?



June Playlist

I meant for my favorite's posts to go up sooner but with me being on vacation and my summer themed posts they just got pushed back. So I'm going to start posting them within the next few days. I'm starting off with my monthly playlist because I wanted to switch things up a little and who doesn't love music? Enjoy!

Click here to listen to the while playlist

Hyomin - Nice Body

Beast - Good Luck

Tablo (Ft. Taeyang) - Eyes, Nose, Lips

San E and Rania - A Midsummer Night's Sweetness

AOA - Short Hair

What is your current favorite song?



What's In My Bathroom Cabinet ♥ Travel Edition

While I was in Florida we stayed at a hotel with a bathroom cabinet and since I've always wanted a bathroom cabinet I filled it with all of my personal goodies and thought I would take advantage of this opportunity (because I will probably never own one of these myself) and make a  "What's in my bathroom cabinet' (travel edition). I didn't really separate the shelves into selections I just put them where the bottles and tubes fit and looked right.

Top Shelf: This first shelf holds some hair products and body spray to the left. In the middle I have my sunscreens, moisturizer, and toothbrush. The right side contains my deodorant and a travel size body cream.

(left to right)
- Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray
- BathAndBodyWorks Velvet Sugar Body Spray
- It's A 10 Leave-In-Conditioner
- Supergoop! Sunscreen Day Cream
- Supergoop! Everyday Face and Body Lotion
- Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-wrinkle Cream
- Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof
- SoapAndGlory The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer
- Oral B Pink Toothbrush

Middle Shelf: This part of the shelf holds most of my skincare products such as my Clarisonic, cleanser, eye serum, and cotton pads. I also have some LUSH Tooth Tabs because I forgot to bring toothpaste so I just bought these cause they looked interesting.

- Clarisonic
- Philosophy Purity Cleanser
- LUSH Sparkle Toothy Tabs
- Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum
- Cotton Pads

Bottom Shelf: Like the other shelves this one is randomly thrown together. To the left are my beauty gummies and my heartburn chews (because I get heartburn from time to time). In the middle I have a face serum I'm currently testing and some lotion to put on after being in the sun, I didn't really stay outside for a long time but I bought just in case (I'm still as pale as ever). On the far right I have my toner and my hair cream and wide tooth comb.

- Natures Bounty Hair,Skin, and Nails Gummies
- Alka-Seltzer Heartburn+Gas Relief Chews
- Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Serum
- Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun
- Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturzing Hair Cream
- Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner



Vacation Photos

So it's been about five days since I came back from Florida and wanted to share some of my photos from my trip I took while on vacation. We spent a few days in Tampa and then we visited Orlando and went to Disney World. I didn't take that many photos but I really wished that I did. Just enjoy the ones that I did take.

These first two pictures are from when I was in Tampa, Florida. We stayed in this hotel with a gorgeous view of the ocean. It was so beautiful!

My breakfast, vanilla macaroon granola (from Nature's Box) with almond milk and some coffee.

When I went to Urban Outfitters I was surprised to see that they had some Tony Moly products! We don't have a Urban Outfitters where I live so I took advantage and bought a little something something.

We also came across a tiny macaron shop and bought a box. They even had flavors like lavender and rose, I had the rose one!

After Tampa we went to Orlando and went to downtown Disney where they had these adorable caramel apples! We were going to buy one but we didn't go back to that shop :(

While in downtown Disney we had a banana split from the Ghirardelli shop. Someone couldn't wait for me to take the photo first (you know who you are).

Of course we went to Disney World while in Orlando. I wish I had taken more pictures but I only took these showing off my Marie kitty ears and sunglasses. We went to Magic Kingdom in case you were wondering.



5 Products To Help You Sleep Better

Do you suffer from Insomnia? Well, join the club! I suffer from insomnia from time to time. (I get it randomly sometimes it lasts a few days but sometimes it lasts for weeks!) Because of this every time I see a product designed to help you get a better night sleep I have to get it not matter what! I've tried so many products that I thought it was time to make a blog post on my favorite sleepy time products.

Trader Joe's Well Rested Herbal Tea
I've tried a variety of sleepy herbal teas but this one by Trader Joe's is by far the best! My parents even like it!

Clean & Clear Night Relaxing All-In-One Cleansing Wipes
I've never seen a night relaxing makeup wipe before so when I saw these I had to get them! I've used thema few times and they smell amazing (almost like candy). These are great for when you get home from a long day and are ready to sleep!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil
This serum and oil combination is suppose to help you get a better night sleep while you simply pat this on your face after you have cleansed and moisturized. This paired with the next item is the perfect sleep combo that will knock you out!

Bath & Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist
This pillow mist paired with the serum is amazing! The smell from both of the products really do get me tired and sleepy within minutes.

Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedroom Mist
We used this in our bathroom but I bet if I used this in my own room it would knock me out with seconds. This spray isn't too overpowering but paired with everything I bet I would get a good night sleep.

Do you have any tips on how to get some sleep when suffering from insomnia?