Photo Journal

A few years ago I would do a instagram update on my blog every weekend and share some of my pictures of my daily doings and such. I thought I would bring that back and call it "photo journal" so you guys can get a look into my personal life. My first photo journal is mainly about some of my favorite foods I've encountered recently.

A few weeks ago we stumbled across a frozen yogurt shop that sold boba (and plays kpop). You couldn't believe my luck! I love boba! I wish there was a closer place that sold boba tea around me.

I made these strawberry scones last week and they were delicious! I also made this glaze to drizzle on top of them and it tasted amazing!

I'm not a big fan of frozen yogurt but my sister wanted some so we went out and got some. I tried to make my bowl healthier by adding strawberries but I still went kind of overboard with the sweets.

Now that it's summer I've been making more iced beverages. This is how I make my iced coffee, add some ice in a cup and then pour some hot instant coffee over and add milk and creamer to sweeten.

I'm selling some of my old sleep masks for $10 plus $2 for shipping (only US residents). If you want one hop on over to my instagram and leave me your Paypal email and let me know which one you would like. You have until next weekend to tell me. 

Smiles and Kisses,

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