My Birthday Wishlist ♥

My Birthday Wishlist

Sorry if this is a late night post (i posted this at 4am) but I really wanted to post this a month from my birthday and since it's already June 15 I still feel like it's still early enough to post this. Anyways, here are some birthday gift ideas that my loved ones (you know who you are) can see of what I would like to get this year. I posted all the links to where you can get these items under the picture for easy access.

This year I'm turning 21 so I think it's time to invest in some good skincare products specifically from Korea (because Korean's have such amazing skin). I really need a new eye cream and serum so I would like one from the natural Korean brand, Innisfree. Other beauty products I'm interested in are some sheet masks and the cute eye's maker by Etude House (I've been really eyeing this product). I've been also meaning to buy the Amiaya complete book, Amiaya are probably one of my favorite Japanese duo's and I would really like to get the book to add to my Japanese model collection. Last but not least is the Wii U! At first I thought the Wii U was just another way for Nintendo to suck the money from us (and it is) but after the new Mario Kart game came out it convinced me that I need one in my life (and E3 didn't help either). Other things not picture but acceptable are gift cards.

And that's it! I can't believe this time next month I will be turning 21! I remember being 15 wishing I was 18 and now I'm turning 21, time really goes by quickly!


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