May Random Favorites

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed my last post on my favorite beauty products. Now it's time to talk about all of my non-beauty items. I always feel like I never have enough of these but I still post if I have at least one thing to talk about.

Nylon Japan May 2014 Issue: When I saw that Kyary was on the cover of the kawaii issue of Nylon Japan I needed to get it and I'm so glad I did! It really is the world book of kawaiiness everything in here is so freakin cute!

Kirby Triple Deluxe: I just recently finish the new Kirby 3DS game! It was a bit more challenging then I thought it would be but it was really cute and fun! Review coming soon!

Puppy Slippers: I got these from my mom for Christmas but decided to save them to use later. I just now started to use them and they are so cute! My puppy loves to chew on them too!

Asos Brown Scallop Satchel: I finally found my perfect everyday satchel! This holds everything I need and matches all of my outfits.

Polka Dot Yoga Mat: I was in need of a new yoga mat and saw these colorful ones with inspirational quotes at Marshall's for less then $10 so I got this one because I love the color!


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