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I've been watching a few new shows recently and thought I would share with you guys what I'm currently watching because who doesn't love new shows to watch, right?

Angel Eyes
As soon as I heard that the main girl who was in Boy Over Flowers was going to be in this drama I knew I had to watch and I'm glad I am because it's probably one of the best dramas I've watched in a long time! It's about a girl and boy who fall in love as teenagers but due to tragic circumstances they get separated from each other. Fast forward twelve years later fate brings them together. But can they recognize each other and pick up where they left off? I would highly recommend you guys give this drama a chance but warning the first few episodes will make you cry!

When eleven Korean celebrities come together and live in house will they become friends? find romance? or become enemies? Find out in the new Korean reality show Roommate! When they first announced this show I thought it seemed pretty interesting especially with celebrities such as Nana from After School and Orange Caramel, Park Boa of 2NE1, and Exo's Park Chan Yeol. I'm currently up to date with this show and I must say it's cool to see how all these people get along but the whole romance stuff in this show is probably scripted, just saying.

K-On!! (season 2)
First off I've never been a fan of animes because well I'm just not a fan of cute girls in bikinis with big boobs flying everywhere (i've seen the pictures on tumblr). But my sister and I watched the first episode of K-On!! and it was may I say so kawaii so I kept watching! I'm probably a mixture of Yui-chan and Mugi-chan but my favorite is Yui-chan because I think I'm most like her as we both get carsick, get distracted by cute things, and love sweets! They currently only have the second season on Hulu so we started with that but I hope they put up the first season too because we are almost finish watching this season but after that we get to watch the movie! 

What shows are you currently watching?


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