May Wishlist

May Wishlist

It's time for one of my favorite monthly posts, my monthly wishlists! These are the things I've been eyeing and thinking about getting. Enjoy!

First off, I can't wait for the new LUSH bathbomb to come out! It's called "Granny Takes A Dip" and it's so colorful! It comes out next week and you bet I will be getting it! I've been look for the perfect satchel and I think I finally found it at Forever 21! It's the perfect size, color and would look great with everything! I suddenly got the urge to dye my hair a few days ago but I'm still not sure what color I exactly want. I was thinking of dying it either a purplish red (like the one Ami currently has) or maybe a milk tea brown? I never dyed my hair before (my natural hair color is black) and I heard Japanese hair dye is less damaging so I was thinking of getting one of these hair dyes but if any of you have any recommendations please let me know!


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