April Random Favorites

I haven't posted a random favorites in a long time because I honestly haven't had too many in the past months and didn't think they needed their own post (I usually only have 2-3 favorites each month) so I thought I would include a few of them in this month's favorites. So this random favorites includes some items from the previous months but I hope you enjoy anyways!

Trader Joe's Macarons:
I tried these month's ago but kept the box just in case I wanted to talk about them on my blog. The only macarons I've ever tasted have been the ones my sister has made so it was fun to try some other type of macarons. These are really soft and chewy! My favorites are the coconut, apricot, and lemon!

Russian Doll Bag:
I've had my eyes on this bag for forever! It's actually my sister's and she got it from Forever 21 years ago and ever since then I wanted it. She ask me last week if I wanted it and I said YES and she gave me it!!! It can't hold much (probably just my phone, gum, and lip gloss) but It's really cute!

Bath And Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist:
I remember talking about this in one of my previous monthly favorites but I've been using this so much this month I thought I would talk about it again. This is a soothing sleep spray that you mist on your bed and pillows to give you a better night's rest.

Disney's Frozen DVD:
Yes, I finally watched Frozen! I was probably the last person on earth to watch Frozen but I finally watched it and loved it! I secretly hum all the songs when no one is around!

Cupcake Washcloth:
I crocheted some cupcake washcloths using Twinkie's Cupcake Washcloth pattern on her blog. I've made a few (and need to finish some) but they all are absolutely adorable! Each time I follow one of Twinkie Chan's patterns I can't help but feel like I'm one of her helper elves!

Disney Magical World:
When I first got this game I played it 24/7 but sadly the "game flame" has died down but I decided to include it in my favorites anyways. Check out my review on this game here!

What new things did you discover in April?


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