Spring Trends Guide

Spring trends
For today's post I wanted to share with you guise the latest trends that you will probably be seeing a lot of this spring. So I came up with this guide for you that includes all of biggest trends. Pick a few (or even all) and you will be good to go for spring/summer! 

Floral Kimonos: I've seen so many floral kimonos in shops lately (I just bought this one from Wetseal) so finding one won't be a problem. Just make sure to find one with a print and length that you like. Also some have fringe which I think would look lovely with some cutoff shorts in summer.

Midi Skirts: This is a trend that I saw during fashion week and I've been seeing them slowing pop up in some stores. I love the midi skirts/dress trend because they remind me of ballerinas (which I always wanted to be)! My only concern would be for us short girls out there but I would say to try one on in store to see if you like it or not before buying one.

Crop Tops: Crop tops first started becoming popular (again) late summer of last year but since then every store that I go to has hundreds of crop tops to choose from! I myself don't like crop tops but I will be picking up a few basic and maybe a floral one to layer underneath outfits.

Floral Snapbacks: Another recycled trend from last summer are snapbacks. However printed ones seem to be very trendy this year especially floral print, no surprise there.

Floral Joggers: Floral joggers or pants are so cute and will be a big trend for spring! They make you feel comfortable on the inside but make you look presentable on the outside.

Floral Maxi Skirt: Airy maxi skirts look lovely during spring/summer and when it's slightly windy you look like a goddess! I would highy recommend you to pick up one for this year.

Pastel Nail Polish: No surprise here! Pastel (my favorite color to wear) is still and will probably always be trendy to wear during spring! Grab a few soft, creamy, milky bottles of polish and you're good to go!

What trend are you most excited to wear this season?


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