April Birchbox

My April Birchbox finally arrived yesterday! I had a problem with my Birchbox subscription earlier this month so it took longer then it would to arrive but at least it came and I was very satisfied with my box! Keep reading to find out what I got in my box this month!

This months theme is rainy days, cause as you know April showers bring May flowers.
Box overview
List of products in my box this month
Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Full-size, $21.95 
What: Best-selling elixir that locks in color, protects from heat damage, and adds silkiness.
How: Spray generously onto damp hair before styling. Warning: Their signature scent is addictive.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel Full-size, $22
What: Botanical oils and conditioners tame unruly brows for a natural, polished look.
How: Brush onto brows in direction of hair growth. Wear alone, or over your favorite pencil.

KIND Snacks Healthy Grains Bar - Maple Pumpkin Seeds With Sea Salt 15-count, $11.88
What: The perfect combo of salty and sweet, these delicious treats pack a whole-grain punch.
How: Toss 'em in your purse or gym bag for a healthy pick-me-up whenever, wherever.

Supergoop! Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream - Light/Medium Full-size, $32
What: Next-generation SPF 35 CC cream that triple protects against UVA, UVB, and infrared-A rays.
How: Apply a nickle-sized amount over face and neck_it works as both a primer and foundation.

Color Club Gala's Gems Collection Breakfast At... Set of 4, $13
What: We teamed up with style blogger Gala Gonzalez to create this exclusive shimmery shade.
How: This formula has a luxe pearl finish. Apply two coats, followed by a top coat.

This is probably one of my best Birchboxes I've gotten in a long time! I love absolutely everything and can see myself using everything for the next few weeks.

What did you get in your April Birchbox?



Game Review ♥ Disney Magical World

When I first saw the Japanese advertisement for Disney Magical World I was so excited! But then I thought it would never come to the States (like most Japanese games) but a couple of months later I heard from someone on twitter that it was coming out in April and I marked my calender! Fast forward today and I've been playing this game for a few weeks now and it's pretty good not the best though. This game is definitely marked towards younger children (like most of Disney) but older people can enjoy too!

You arrive in The magical world of Disney and are greeted by Minnie and Mickey mouse. They talk about all the fun stuff that awaits for you! In the game you can dress up as Disney characters, visit different worlds, meet and take photos with various Disney characters, defeat ghosts, and even own your own cafe!

This is one of those games that is great to play once in a while. It's not like Animal Crossing where you have to visit everyday and do your "chores". You can miss a few days of game play and Minnie will still be there next time you play. Another things that I enjoyed about this game is that there is a lot of fun Disney content for major Disney fans!

I only have one con and it's that this game is pretty easy but that's understandable because it's aimed for younger children. You can probably finish this within a week or two (I still haven't finished but I don't play everyday).

You can buy Disney Magical World here

Have you played Disney Magical World yet?



Review: Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray ♥ Not Your Mother's

My favorite type of hair style is that boho beach waves look that becomes really popular during summer. Most start buying their "beach ready" wave enhancers around late spring/early summer but I buy these sorts of products all year long (if it says beach waves I've probably tried it!). I thought I would never find the perfect waving spray but I finally found it! Keep reading to find out more...

 What it claims to do:
"Now everyday can be a day at the beach...minus the sunburn. Beach Babe has everyone fooled into thinking you just left the beach (you little liar!). It adds sexy, tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type. Infused with natural dead sea salt & sea kelp this salon formula has you and your hair on the boardwalk all year long."

- Adds texture to your hair
- Gives your hair a matte finish
- Smells nice
- Great for beach waves
- Controls frizz

- Dries hair

My experience:
I first used this spray last year and I was amazed with the results! I've tried many (and I mean many!) types of beach wave sprays and I think this is the perfect one! It gives you that tousled mermaid waves that many of us crave during summer and leaves a matte finish (that would look great with some colorful chalk streaks). The only thing that I don't like is that it dries out your hair (especially the ends) but most sea salt spray do this so it's alright.

Would I recommend this?
Yes! Hands down the best sea salt spray I've tried so far!

You can buy the NYM Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray here

What's your favorite sea salt spray?



Yarn Haul ♥ Micheal's Craft Store

I made a quick stop at Micheal's the other day to pick up some supplies for a new project I will be working on soon. Since I've shared a few of my craft hauls with you guys before I thought I would post another one. Enjoy!

The main purpose I went to Micheal's was to get poly-fil stuffing for some plushies I plan to make for my shop! I will update you guys later on this project.

I also picked up another set of bonbons but this time in a different set of colors.

I also went to check out the Sugar'n Cream yarn section to see if the Twinkie Chan's washcloth pattern was in stores and it was! I picked myself the pattern and a few pastel colored skeins of yarn.



Drugstore Beauty Haul ♥ Ulta & Target

 A few days ago I picked up a few things from Ulta and Target and thought I would share what beauty goodies I got. I hope you guys enjoy!

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Shampoo: I'm familiar with the beach babe spray from NYM but when I saw that they had a shampoo I knew I had to get it because I love that beachy wavey look! I would've bought the conditioner too but they didn't have it.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream: I've tried the Neutrogena Healthy Skin moisturizer before and it did strange things to my skin so I thought I would try the anti-wrinkle cream this time to see if it works on my skin.

Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture: A lot of people I know use this lip balm so I decided to try it to see what the hype is all about.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: I tried this spray last year and really loved the way it make my curls look so I bought a mini size because smaller things are cuter! I've been using this for only three days and I can already see myself getting the full-size! Review coming soon!

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner: I've always been intrigued to try this shampoo and conditioner but I never do in the end but I was in need on a conditioner but they didn't have the full-size in stock (isn't that always the case?) so I got this travel size instead.

Maybelline Volum'Express One By One Mascara: I was on the look out for a new mascara to try out and came across this one. I've never tried it before and it seem to be fairly new so I picked it up.

Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Toner: Another new product that I've always wanted to try but never have. I always get the regular toner from Boots but I was in the mood to try something new.

That's it! I will try out these products and let you know what I think of them in a review later.



April Wishlist

April Wishlist

Hello and Happy Easter everyone! (for those who celebrate it) One of my favorite things about Spring/Summer are the fairs and carnivals, I love everything about them! I found these cute fair themed accessories such as this cute cotton candy necklace and this adorable cherry pie bag by Betsey Johnson! April showers mean it's time for some wellies (or rain boots). I found these mint ones on Asos for a low price. Disney recently released a new 3ds game called Disney Magical World which I picked up and have been playing ever since. I will be posting a review on it soon.

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! What did you guys do today?



Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

Hello! I feel like I haven't posted a beauty review in FOREVER, but then again I always say that whenever I post a product review. (I guess I should make more) Today I will be reviewing The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. I first heard about this serum when The Body Shop emailed me and I was very intrigued so I decided to try it out. I've been using this for a full month and here are my thoughts on it...

What it claims to do?
"Wake up to beautiful skin with new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, a technical innovation combining the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight."

- Soft face
- Moisturizing
- Soothing scent
- Gives your face a dewy look

- Breaks out my forehead
- Oily
- Gets on your pillow at night

My experience:
I was pretty excited to use this product because it sounded like a great product, in theory. The texture of this serum is super oily and it literally makes your skin look and feel like greasy. After a few minutes on your face this gives you a dewy look but since I usually at night it sometimes gets on my face. The next morning I got from using this was a big red pimply friend on my forehead! (but that could be from something else)

Would I recommend this to someone?
Not really. I haven't seen any major changes on my skin from using this. (aside from a forehead pimple but then again that could be from something else) However I will continue to use this serum every night until I run out (because I hate wasting products) and if my opinion changes I will make sure to let you guys know.

You can purchase The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil here

Have you tried this serum before? Did you like it?



Favorite Nail Polishes for Spring

Spring is finally here! I thought I would put together a post with 10 of my favorite nail polishes that are perfect for this season. During this time of the year, I like to wear light pastel colors. (I also wear this all year long but more during Spring, hehe...) So, here are my faves:f

(Left to right) Revlon Top Speed in Pink Lingerie, Sinful Colors in Unicorn, Essie in Fuji, Essie in Play Date, and Sinful Colors in Orange Cream

(Left to Right) Sally Hansen in White On, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Color in Blue-Away, Color Club in Blue-Ming, Zoya in Wednesday, and China Glase in Re-Fresh Mint

These are my five most worn nail polishes I like to wear during Spring. (I'm currently wearing Fuji)

What is your go-to Spring nail color?



Meet Lucy! My First Puppy!

 Hi guise! So it's been a while since my last blog post but I have a great reason why I haven't posted and that's because I GOT A PUPPY! If you've followed my blog for a while you know exactly how much I've longed for a puppy! I literally woke up on Saturday morning and drove 5-6 hours to Tennessee (not including traffic) just to get this precious Pomeranian! She's 6 weeks old and probably the sweetest puppy in the world! This would be my first puppy ever so she's quite a handful but she's too adorable so it's worth it! I thought I would share some pictures of her that I took the past couple of days. Enjoy!

If any of you have any advice for first time puppy owners I would really appreciate it!