Spring Outfits Ideas

I haven't posted a outfit ideas post in a while so I thought it was about time for another! These outfits are inspired by Spring, florals, and festival flocks seen at those outdoor music concerts that hipsters go to around this time. Enjoy and remember to let me know which outfit is your favorite!

Festive floral
Starting off with my favorite outfit! I also been loving the floral maxi skirts I've been seeing in stores lately. I definitely think these will be big trend this spring! If you're short a maxi may sound like being swallowed by an ocean but just pair some super high platforms and you are good to go!

Peachy keen
This outfit is perfect when going out shopping and/or grabbing lunch. I paired a cheeky sweater with a floral skirt and matched a mint colored bag with the shoes. For those who don't know I love color matching but I try not to make it too obvious sometimes because I know that drives some people nuts but I had to include this outfit!

Festival fun
Another spring trend that I've been seeing lately are floral kimonos! I thought at first they just looked like silky pajamas that you can slid off the bed as a younger child (did anybody else do that?) but I've actually seen some pretty cute ones! I think a floral kimono would looked amazing paired with a crop top and some pants or shorts. 

Untitled #61
I love pairing sweaters and skirts together for some reason I just think that they're a great spring combo because you finally bare some skin for the warmer weather but it's still not too hot outside so you can stay tucked inside a cozy sweater.

Which outfit is your favorite?


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