NOTD: Girls' Generation "Mr Mr" Inspired Nails

Hello guises! Today's post is for all those sones out there! Girls' Generation (or SNSD) recently made a comeback after a year long hiatus with their new single called "Mr Mr". I liked the song and video so I decided to make a nail design inspired by the music video for "Mr Mr". Enjoy!

Supplies I used
These were the base and top coat I used.
Here are the colors I used for each nail. If you want the specific name of one of these colors just ask me in the comments or via twitter and I'll tell you.
For the ring finger I create a heart/apple shape with these pink and red gems I got on ebay for a few dollars.

Nail close up
In the video there is a heart monitor that spells "Mr Mr" so I tried to recreate that on my nails but could only fit one "Mr" on my pinkie.

Ring finger:
There was a lot of blue in the video so I painted my ring finger blue and then glued some pink and red gems onto my nail with a top coat. I tried to make a apple like they used in the video but it actually looks like a heart.

Middle finger:
One of the girls had black tips with glitter so I made a similar design on my middle finger.

Index finger:
There are pink and red colored pills in the video so I copied the colors onto my nails.

In the video the room had a checkered floor so I created a checkered print on my nails.

I really like making music video inspired name looks! They're so much fun to make! What video do you want me to do next?



  1. Very cute! I love all the different styles!
    I was getting into the habit of doing my nails everyday, but fell out of the habit again. You inspire me to doll up my nails this weekend!
    I wanted to know more about you, but when I clicked on your "About Me" button the page didn't exist!

    1. That's great that I inspired you to do your nails this weekend! Oh and I fixed up my pages! Thanks for letting me know that they weren't working they should be fine now.