How I Take Care Of My Nails

Hello guises! Today's post is all about nails and the supplies I use on my nails to make them look presentable. I don't use any special treatments to make my nails grow because my nails are pretty normal but if you would like me to make a post on how to make your nails grow I can just let me know and I will!

These are the nail files, nail buffer, and nail clipper that I use on my nails. I would highly recommend the Trim nail clipper because it traps all the nail tips so they don't get all over the place like regular clippers do.

This cupcake pouch holds smaller nail supplies which is great to keep in your bag because you never know when you will break a nail!

This is a cuticle remover cream basically what it does is it moisturizes your cuticles. I use this on my cuticles before I paint my nails because it's easier to remove excess nail polish that gets on your skin when your painting your nails.

These are my favorite base and top coats. I use the Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield as a base coat and the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri as a top coat. The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is the BEST top coat that I've ever used, it makes your nails completely dry and touchable in minutes! I've used so many of these bottles that I stopped counting and it's really affordable too!

I use these cotton pads to remove my nail polish. These are those $1 cotton pads that you can get at the dollar store which I think are way better then the ones you can get at Target which usually cost more and come with less.

What products do you use on your nails?


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