What I've Been Up Too + Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you guys having an amazing pink heart shaped day! Today posts is on what I've been doing the past couple of days when I wasn't blogging. I hope you guys enjoy!

 I crochet this heart garland and put it up on my room to get into that Valentine's day spirit. I really love how it looks in my room so I plan on leaving it up all year.

 I got Bravely Default last Friday and have been playing it nonstop! If your a fan of RPGs and Final Fantasy games you will love this game!

 Have you checked out my latest beauty haul yet? If not you read it here!

 I started reading this book called The Interestings a few weeks ago. I honestly didn't know what it was about but I read it with an open mind. I'm still not finished reading (I'm a pretty slow reader).

Lastly I've been brainstorming some ideas for future blog posts. I like getting inspiration for my blog through magazines especially Japanese ones but they take forever to arrive!

I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day and remember just because you don't have a valentine this year doesn't mean you have to be sad and lonely because you are amazing and don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend to be happy because you can make yourself happy without them! So go out and buy some chocolates and a teddy bear for yourself and have a happy day!


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