NOTD: Mixed Metals

I saw a picture on Butter London twitter a few weeks ago on a manicure that was a mixture of different metallic gold and copper shades. I loved the look so much that I decided to recreate using some of my nail polishes. I loved the way it came out because in some lights it looks like one color but in other lights they all look different!

(left to right) Butter London The Old Bill, Sally Hansen Coat Of Arms, and China Glaze Swing Baby
These are the three nail polishes I used to create this mixed metallic look. I would recommend you to use metallic colors such as gold, copper, and pewter. If you can find metallic nail polishes without shimmer or glitter I would is would use those because I think they look better.

 To create this look I applied a different color on each nail and then created a ombre look with a sponge. Let them dry before applying a top coat and you're done! 


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