Haul: Hello Kitty Tights

Last week I found this really cute tights on ebay and had to get them because they had HELLO KITTY! I love everything Hello Kitty so it was a no brainier for me to pick up a few pairs of these insanely cute tights. Sadly, the tights I bought are now sold out but they also have a lot of other different designs that you can choose from here.

Strawberry Hello Kitty Tights
I really love the bow Kitty is wearing on these (it reminds me of a Lolita) and there is also a picture of a strawberry on the ankle!

Footprint Hello Kitty Tights
These are pretty similar to the other tights but these have cute footprints on the foot part of the tights which I really love.

Side Hello Kitty Tights
I got these tights for two reasons, 1. because I would some tights that looked like thigh highs and 2. because there is a picture of Hello Kitty on the side saying "Hello Kitty"!

The seller I bought these from is located in the US so it should take a few days for them to come if you live in the US (however I had to wait longer due to the winter storm that happen last week). I haven't tried them on yet but I bet they look lovely on!


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