February Wishlist

Feb wishlist
(left to right) Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Mason Jar Candle, Instant Happy, Raspberry Peach Macaron Mason Jar Candle, Everything Is Going To Be Ok, Velvet Sugar, Pink Vanilla Macaron Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, Silent Siren 31 Wonderland, and Aldo Eau De Parfum Bag

Lately I've been feeling very unmotivated and uninspired and when I feel like that I become sad. However I recently found these books Instant Happy and Everything Is Going To Be Ok and just by previewing these books on Amazon I'm already feeling better. Bath And Body Works has been coming out with some pretty sweet flavors and I may have just placed an order the other day... I've been a fan of Silent Siren since I found their music last year. They recently came out with a new album and after previewing it I knew that I needed it in my life but since they're not that popular here in the US it's going to be super hard and expensive for me to get their album.


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