The Adventures in Macaron Making

 If you remember my post on macarons last year then you already know that my older sister is really into making baking especially macarons. This week she made two batches of macarons and I really got to experience the science of macarons this time and boy are these little guys tricky to make! I learned if you don't have the right supplies you can really mess up your macarons. The first batch were a greenish teal but since she didn't have parchment paper they turned out a bit odd (the edges were all burnt). These pictures are from the second set of macarons and they came out pretty good! I love the rose butter cream that she used in these!

I asked her to experiment with shapes and she made hearts! Some kind of looked deformed but most of them came out looking descent.

She also made some regular ones and added some colorful sprinkles on top. I thought the sprinkles would burn but they actually came out really cute!

Have any of you ever made macarons before?


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