My Favorite Posts Of 2013

I blogged a lot in 2013 so much that I felt drained sometimes but this year I don't want that to happen so I will try to maintain my normal blogging schedule but I will be taking 2-3 rest days a week so I won't feel overworked and create so great content for you guys. Down below I choose my favorite posts of the year, 12 for each month. Let me know which were your favorite posts and what kind of blog posts you want me to make in 2014.

Looking back at most of my resolutions from last year I accomplished 3 out of 5 which is pretty good! I did incorporated more crochet into my blog, I made a new layout, and I blogged pretty much everyday (280 out of 365 isn't bad, right?).

I remember making this cute elephant inspired by a Hello Venus photo shoot. I really like making things inspired by kpop related things, I should really make more! 

In March I remade and updated my shop, MooeyAndFriends. I was super proud of myself for making these items! I can't wait to see what new items I make for my shop in 2014!

Getting my Milklim jacket is probably one of those highlight moments from 2013 for me. I really wanted one and even thought it costs a lot of money I am super happy I bought one in the end.

These Pikachu macarons were from my older sisters birthday back in May of 2013. I remember that's when she decided to get into macaron making and she would make macarons almost everyday! Some batches good and some weren't as good but these Pikachu ones are still some of my favorite she has made so far! 

Back in June Animal Crossing New Leaf came out and I was so excited! This was a game I had waited for months to come out! It even inspired me to make a cute nail art design.

In July me and my family went on a road trip to Florida. I remember typing a bunch of summer themed posts and scheduling them to be posted while I was on vacation. One of the posts I did that I really enjoying making was a post on my favorite road trip snacks. This year I want to make more posts on snacks and food I enjoying eating because I love food (I mean who doesn't?).

I am not a big fan of chocolate so I was pretty surprised when I decided to make a blog post on some chocolate bar.

One of my personal goals from 2013 was to have a official skincare routine but one thing I learned as a beauty blogger is that you never have a "official skincare routine" because your always testing out new products for reviews. My skincare routine has changed so much within these past few months. I use completely different products now!

I really got into decorating my room in 2013. I decorated my room for Halloween and even made a DIY on how to create one of my own Halloween decorations!

A needed a new shoulder bag so I decided to finally get this fox one I've been eyeing for a while and I love it! I should really do another what's in my bag post.

There were a lot of great posts in December but I decided to go with this Lumpy Space Princess "lump of coal" crochet pattern because it's probably one of my favorite posts I did during the 12 days of DIY!

What were your favorite posts of mine from 2013?


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