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So over the holidays I decided to start some new Korean dramas! These are the 3 current drama I've been watching and if you are wondering if I finished my last set of Kdramas I did finish Heirs but I stop watching Passionate Love (because it's too long and kind of boring) and Answer Me 1994 (because I knew where it was going and was mad at it). I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what you are watching right now!

Pretty Man
Pretty Man is about a man who basically has grown up getting everything he wants by being good looking. However, when his mother dies and she ends up leaving him an unsolved family secret. In order to find out his secret past he must open his own business with the help of his cutesy neighbor who happens to have a crush on him. I started watching this drama because of IU and I actually really love it! It's a cute quirky drama the only thing I also like that it has to do a lot with business and since I happen to run my own little business I like picking up some tips. 

Prime Minister And I
I heard many good things about this drama so I started watching it and it's alright. It's about this girl who accidentally falls into a scandal with a upcoming prime minister so decides to marry him. She soon finds out that being the wife of a prime minister with three 3 children isn't actually what she thought it would be. The whole plot of this drama is pretty ridiculous but it keeps me entertained and mu younger sister really likes it so I will continue watching it.

My Love From Another Star
This drama wasn't one I was planning to watch but my sister made me watch it and it's pretty interesting. It's about an alien who crash lands in Korea and is forced to live there until he is rescued by his kind. Along the way he meets his new neighbor who causes trouble but reminds him of his hidden past. So far I think this drama is really funny drama (the main actress cracks me up) but I hate how they have like 3 other character story lines just floating around.

I should finish Pretty Man tonight so I was wondering if I should write a review. Would you guys be interested in that?


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  1. I'm also currently watching Prime Minister and I and My Love From Another Star! I like the second one more. I tried watching Pretty Man but dropped it after watching 5 episodes. XD