Game of the Month: Animal Crossing New Leaf

I meant for this post to go up back in June when Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out but I never actually posted a post on the game so I'm finally going to post it today! I've been playing for 8 months, I did stop playing for a few months (August, September, December) but I started actively playing again a few weeks ago and I'm totally obsessed with it all over again! I've played every single Animal Crossing that has ever came out and by far this version is my favorite! If you haven't played ACNL then I would highly recommend you play it because it's such a cute game!

My dream address is 4700-2206-4449, add me and leave your dream address below and I will add you too!



Target Valentine's Day Haul

Target always comes out with really cute Valentine's collections every year but honestly this year's collection is the cutest! I'm slowly trying to change up my room so I bought a few items and thought I would share with you guys. Oh and if you're interested in getting some of these items for a little cheaper I would recommend you guys check out your local Target ASAP because I got all of these on sale last weekend!

Pink and Red Heart Bowls
I bought to hold lip gloss and other knick knacks. These are currently nesting in front of my make up area but I may put them somewhere else.

Doughnut Mug
There mugs are so cute! I bought this one for my sister because she loves doughnuts!

Teacup Mug
This mug is for me since I drink a lot of tea. Isn't that pink teacup too adorable!

Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shakers
My favorite things I got are these unicorn salt and pepper shakers! I'm obviously not going to use these as salt and pepper so these are currently hanging on my dresser.

Are you excited for Valentines Day?



Zoya Nail Polish Haul

 Every year during January Zoya has an amazing offer where you can get 3 nail polishes for free! All you do is pick out your three colors and pay for shipping, which is about a couple of dollars. They've been doing this every year since I can remember and every year I get excited to expand my Zoya collection (I made a post about my Zoya nail polish collection here). This year they had a special where if you spend more then $24 then you get free shipping so I decided to take advantage of this offer and bought myself six new nail polishes to add to my collection!

 (left to right) Odette, Normani, and Brigitte. These three beauties are from Zoya's Natural Rose Tone Nudes collection. On the website these colors looked gorgeous but in person they're a lot darker then I thought they would be. I'm still not sure if I like them yet because I haven't tried them on my nails yet so I guess I can't judge.

 (left to right) Robyn, Perrie, and Darcy. I wanted some bright colors so I got these three. I'm currently wearing Darcy and I looks really different on then in the bottle. I'm wearing three coats and it looks like Jake's skin from Adventure Time, which gives me an idea for a future nail tutorial! 

Did you get your three free Zoya nail polishes? Which colors did you get?



Taste Testing: Mochi Ice Cream

I mentioned I found these mochi ice cream in my Trader Joe's haul so I thought I would make a post on these and tell you guys how they taste before you go out and buy them at your Trader Joe's.

For those who don't know what mochi is it  is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice that is sweet and chewy. There are three mochi ice cream flavors chocolate, strawberry, and green tea. They cost about $4 to $5. You can find these at the frozen dessert aisle in Trader Joe's. They come in a pack of six and are bigger then you think they would be, I would say a little bit smaller then a tennis ball (you can probably split one with another person).

My chocoholic older sister bought the chocolate flavor. She says she really enjoyed them and would love to try out the strawberry mochi ice cream too. 

 I bought the green tea flavor because I love anything and everything green tea related! If you ever tasted mochi you know how chewy it is and that's how the shell of these ice creams are. They are also coated with some flour so that they don't get stuck to your hands. Inside the mochis are filled with a tasty matcha ice cream. I loved these mochi ice creams and can't wait for my next trip to Trader Joe's so I can get more!

Have you tried these mochi ice cream before? Did you like it?



How To Organize Your Life

One of my new years goals this year was to be organized so I decided to buy myself a cute planner to keep all of my scheduled events and stuff organized in one place. For this post I thought I would share some of my stationary that I will be using this year to keep myself organized.

My Planner
Here is where I will be writing down everything! Birthdays, social events, appointments, blog posts, etc. All of my life will basically be in here in my teal blue Molang diary.

My Blogging Notebook
This is where I plan to keep all of my blog post ideas in. If you are a blogger I highly recommend you keep a small notebook with you so that you can jot down all of the ideas that come to you.

Pens and Pencils
These are all of my writing utensils I will be using in my planner and notebook. I need cute things in my life so I made sure to get really cute pens and pencils!

Cute stickers
If you have ever looked at Korean planners on ebay they always show you some examples of how you can decorate your planner to make it look cute and colorful. I'm a sucker for cute stuff so of course I bought a dozen stickers! If you guys want me to make a post on how I decorate my planner let me know.

Do you keep a planner to keep all your stuff organized?



The Adventures in Macaron Making

 If you remember my post on macarons last year then you already know that my older sister is really into making baking especially macarons. This week she made two batches of macarons and I really got to experience the science of macarons this time and boy are these little guys tricky to make! I learned if you don't have the right supplies you can really mess up your macarons. The first batch were a greenish teal but since she didn't have parchment paper they turned out a bit odd (the edges were all burnt). These pictures are from the second set of macarons and they came out pretty good! I love the rose butter cream that she used in these!

I asked her to experiment with shapes and she made hearts! Some kind of looked deformed but most of them came out looking descent.

She also made some regular ones and added some colorful sprinkles on top. I thought the sprinkles would burn but they actually came out really cute!

Have any of you ever made macarons before?