November Random Favorites

I'm back with another favorites today but this time it's my random favorites from the month of November. Enjoy!

Target Penguin Mug with Spoon and Lid: I remember seeing these mugs last year at Target but I never got my hands on one but they brought them back this year! I love how it comes with a lip and spoon!

Bath And Body Works Mint Chocolate and Pumpkin Caramel Latte Candle: I love lighting candles around this time of year these two from Bath And Body Works are my favorites. The mint chocolate one smells like macarons!

Forever 21 Knitted Sweater: I got this sweater from Forever 21 on Black Friday for $11! It fits me kind of big but that's ok because it keeps me so cozy and warm!

Knuckle Rings: I've always wanted some knuckles rings for a long time and I finally got some!

Forever 21 Striped Fuzzy Socks: This was another deal I scored on Black Friday from Forever 21. Two pairs of socks for $4! Plus, they are so cute!


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