Cute Planners for 2014

Every year I pick out an adorable planner from this seller on ebay, it's kind of like a after Christmas tradition for me. The hardest part is picking out what planner to buy because they are all so cute! In this post I will show you some cute planners from that seller that I almost got and the planner I decided to get for 2014.

This is the planner I just bought for 2014! It's so cute! I will blog about it once I get it to show you guys how it looks. It comes a various colors too, you can buy it here.

This is my favorite series of planners! Mini Mate Diary Ver. 4 Planner

Their planners range from $15 to $30 because they are a combination of an organizer and diary all-in-one, but I think it's totally worth it because you add a lot of content to your organizer and the quality it really great! Plus, sometimes you get free gifts like stickers or a pen (also every planner I've gotten in the past has come with a screen protector). It takes a little less then 2 weeks for my package to come because they ship from South Korea.

Are you ready for 2014?


  1. these are really cute! wish i could get cute diaries like them

  2. you can get the first one on amamzon if you type in kawaii planners