Cute Holiday Outfits

Hey guise! Today I have another one of these outfit posts for you all. I decided to put together some outfit ideas on what you can wear to holiday parties or outings or whatever. Enjoy!

Sugar plum Fairy
This my favorite outfit out of all of them it was inspired by the sugar plum fairies in The Nutcracker. A dress with a sweetheart neckline is really adorable and reminds me of dresses sugar plums would wear. Add some knitted pieces for a warm look or some rhinestones for a glitzy look.

Cozy comfort
If you won't be doing much this Christmas why not dress for comfort? An oversized sweater, leggings, and pair of cozy socks is the perfect cozy indoor outfit but if you do plan on going out for Christmas add some accessories and finish with a pair of stylish boots.

Classy cute
Dresses with a longer skirt are becoming really popular recently so I think wearing one of those dresses would be really cute and trendy to wear this season.

Festive feline
If  you want to be a little festive I recommend you wear a cute Christmas sweater (i did a post on some here) and pair it with a skater skirt and tights.


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