Cute Christmas Sweaters

Cute Christmas Sweater
Who says tacky sweaters have to be gross and repulsive? This year I encourage you all to buy at least one sweater that's cute yet festive! I rounded up some cute Christmas sweaters that I found online that not only will make people spread holiday cheer but you will make you look adorable!

Target has a whole lot of Christmas sweaters this year I found this cat one at my local Target and I will definitely be going back and buying it (it also comes with a bell). Hopefully I can also find that gingerbread one on my next visit because it's just too cute to pass up! While I was browsing through ModCloth I found some pretty funny sweaters like that one with the snowman's head cut off (now that I think about it's a pretty depressing sweater). The bow tableau sweater with the fake collar is also really cute and less dreary. Another sweater that's kind of funny is this one and it looks pretty comfy. And if your just a Christmas scrooge then you need this sweater.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Cute! I like the Bah Hum Bug one!