What I Did On Thanksgiving

I wanted to do one of those photo an hour posts so I decided to do one yesterday on Thanksgiving. Let me know if you guys would like to see more of these posts.

8AM - Wake up!
9AM - My dad decided to start putting together the Christmas tree. I was also watching the Macy's parade around this time.

10AM - Still putting up the tree...

11AM - Decorating the tree!

12PM - Watching the dog show thing that they show after the Macy's parade. Look at that cutie!

1PM - Making tofurky! It only takes an hour to cook it so that's why I made it late.

2PM - I also made a sweet potato casserole! This was my first time ever making/tasting one but it came out really good!

3PM - Getting ready... 

4PM - Playing Animal Crossing and waiting to eat.

5PM - Eating! Yum!

6PM - Dessert! My mom made a pumpkin moose custard thing.

7PM - Painting my nails and watching the Lady Gaga Muppet's special.

8PM - Listening to music. I am obsessed with this song (I have it on repeat as I type)!

9PM - Working on some DIY's for 12 days of DIY (which will start on Sunday).

How was your Thanksgiving?

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