My Experiences With JustFab

The past couple of days have been pretty lousy and I really haven't felt like blogging because I've been planning out my "12 Days of DIY" (which will take place in less then 2 weeks!) and well...lazy. Anyways, I didn't want to go another day without blogging so instead I am going to be posting a rant post on JustFab

You may have heard of JustFab before if you follow some fashion bloggers or beauty gurus on Youtube, they also advertise a lot on TV and online. But if your not familiar with JustFab it's one of those websites where you take a style quiz and they send you a monthly selection of handpicked fashion goodies based on the results of the quiz. I use to like JustFab but there were things that annoyed me like the fact that you have to skip between the 1st and 5th of the month or you will be charged $39.95 in exchanged for one of their member credits that can used to purchase one of their items from JustFab. I have ordered from JustFab before I've order shoes and handbags from them and while the shoes arrived with no problems when the bag came there was a problem with a lock that came with it. I emailed them straight away and never heard a response I figured that I could simply super glue the lock together and never bothered to email them again. 

But recently something about Just Fab really got on my nerves which is why I am typing up this post for you guys. Like I said earlier you have five days to skip or you will be charged $39.95 and get a shopping credit to spend in there shop. I was really busy earlier this month and forgot to skip so I decided to livechat with them, which by the way took at least an hour to start the livechat with someone! Then when I explained what had happen they said that because I was a VIP member I couldn't get a refund and that they couldn't help me. This really got on my nerves. First, you can't give me a refund because I didn't have time to skip this month? I've had this problem before with other companies and they understood me and gave me a refund the first time I ask but with JustFab I asked about 3 different times and they all said the same thing and couldn't refund me. WHAT A CLEVER WAY OF SMUGGLING MONEY AWAY FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS, JUSTFAB! Next, the whole "VIP member" thing is stupid I looked up what the benefits of being a VIP member is and there is nothing different from a regular member they just added VIP to make you feel special but there is nothing special about it at all!

So now I have a shopping credit for JustFab which I don't want to use (because nothing from their shop interests me anymore) I will probably end up using though and give it to someone else as a Christmas gift but after I do use it I will be canceling my account with them for sure. Anyways, that's all I have to say about JustFab. I don't like making posts like this because I feel so negative afterwards but honestly this has been getting under my skin for the past few days and I feel like I should warn you guys just in case you are interested in purchasing from JustFab in the future.


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