My Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist
At first I thought it was too early to put up my Christmas wishlist but since everybody else is in such a rush to celebrate the holiday season I decided to put it up anyway. Most of these things are from some of my previous monthly wishlists and since I never bought any of these items myself why not just ask them for Christmas? Overall I'm a pretty easy person to shop for if it's cute or Hello Kitty related I will probably love it!

For electronic related things I'm asking for a Fujifilm Instax Camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera, and a Wacom Bamboo Connect Tablet. I never ask for shoes but lately I've been going gaga for some custom made Timberlands (I really want pink ones). As for beauty things I've been asking for a Clarisonic almost every Christmas and Birthday for the past few years so I really hope I can score one this year! I starting to get addicted to LUSH so a gift set from them would be nice too. Lastly, I included two books The Rookie Yearbook and Manga for Beginners Kawaii these books so cute so I would love either one!

I don't expect to get all these things for Christmas but it would be nice if I at least get one (or two) things. However, the holidays are to spend time with loved ones not about presents. It's always better to give to get!

Happy Holidays!

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